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These enchantingly glittering stud earrings come in a glamorous star look. They are made from 925 real silver and are trimmed with countless shimmering rhinestones that make the piece glitter incredibly beautifully. As a glamorous highlight with a leisure look or as a sparkling accessory for an evening event - these stud earrings are an absolute eye-catcher.

- Stud earrings

- 925 silver

- Rhinestones

Diameter: 1.3 cm

  • 925 zilver
  • Strass
Artikelnummer: 413192740
Geen verzendkosten: Vanaf 29 € bestelwaarde
Verzendkosten: € 3,95
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  • Over 2-4 werkdagen
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  • Over 4 - 8 werkdagen
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